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Diverse Healthcare Professional Network Program in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Are you an immigrant/refugee wanting to use your skills to work in a healthcare profession?

  • Mentoring by network of diverse healthcare professionals
  • Career track convenings with peers and established practitioners
  • Assistance with school applications and board exam preparations

Do you want to mentor an immigrant/refugee looking to advance or establish their healthcare career?

  • Help aspiring healthcare professionals achieve their goals.
  • Support the creation of a talent pool that can provide culturally and linguistically competent care.

This project aims to build a diverse network of healthcare professionals in Southwestern Pennsylvania by fostering connections between local medical professionals and immigrants and refugees aspiring to careers in healthcare. Mentorship opportunities, study materials, and meetings with peers and professionals in participants’ area of interest will help support immigrants and refugees on their career path.

This program will be open enrollment throughout the year.
  • Welcoming meeting for individuals that are introduced to our program. Meeting would include introduction of the program goals, meeting with volunteer members/mentors and planning agenda of the individual as part of the program)
  • Individuals will be grouped based on their aims or interest of study. Providing study materials such as online subscription or books for board exam preparation and assisting during the study period with study planning
  • Quarterly meeting with the participants and mentors: Mentors with different health care training backgrounds will meet with participants to discuss future career goals of participants.
  • Observership programs via UPMC Departments: Participants who are eligible for observership program at UPMC will be assisted with application process including application fees.

We are inspired by the countless health care professionals who go beyond the call of duty in improving the health and well-being of societies around the world. Whitetulip Health Foundation aims to nurture this ethos of giving and service in our medical communities at home and abroad.

A key aim of WHF is to build a social and professional platform that connects individuals and institutions dedicated to improving the health of their communities. We do this by organizing events to share best practices, exchange ideas, and form new and innovative collaborations.

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Cultural Awareness in Health Systems
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Workshop: Connecting Diverse Healthcare Professionals to Local Resources
On Tuesday, August 21st from 6PM-8PM, All for All and the Pittsburgh chapter of Whitetulip Health Foundation hosted the first of four quarterly workshops. The first session, Connecting Diverse Healthcare Professionals and Local Resources,…
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Network Launch Event
Diverse Healthcare Professionals Network The project is supported by a mini-grant from Vibrant Pittsburgh and Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. Join us! This informal networking event aims to provide a platform for immigrants…
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Addiction in Physicians
Mitchell West, DO, MHA / Medical Director of Addiction Medicine at Allegheny Health Network Mr. West trained as an emergency physician and practiced emergency medicine for 20 years. In 2007 he earned an…
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Pittsburgh Health Care Professionals Picnic
The Whitetulip Health Foundation hosts a picnic for Pittsburgh healthcare professionals.
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Medical Education in Low Income Countries
 Thuy Bui, MD Medical Director Program for Health Care to Understand Populations
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Doctor’s Appreciation Dinner
One of the landmark events of Whitetulip Health Foundation, Doctor’s Appreciation Dinner was organized by our Pittsburgh Branch on March 17th, 2017. Physicians from wide range of specialties enjoyed the dinner while having…