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This document serves as a resource hub for immigrants, refugees, asylees, and New Americans who would like to start or request assistance in starting a career in nursing. The resources provided here are based on the visual pathway presented below. This pathway’s generalization is intended to provide an overarching overview of the steps taken to be a nurse. This, however, does not negate the importance of uniqueness each individual presents. Therefore, despite this pathway’s general outlook, it is expected to cater to each individual’s unique needs as this pathway is designed with extreme flexibility in mind.

Pathways for RN degree/credentialing in the USA
PA NursingCareer Diagram

As part of this program if enrolled, we will set up a meeting with a mentor to choose the right path for you in the Pittsburgh region. If needed we could also provide fund to buy board materials.

Brief explanation for the abovementioned pathways:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Four-year program at established University
    • CCAC
    • The University of Pittsburgh requires
      • High school diploma or equivalent (typically international ones need to be credentialed)
      • SAT and/or TOEFL scores
      • Admissions through University of Pittsburgh undergraduate admissions

  • Accelerated Second Degree
    • 11-18 months at UPitt Nursing
    • Requirement:
      • A first degree in any field that could be a graduate or undergraduate degree (including degrees earned internationally)
    • Hospital-based diploma program
      • UPMC School of Nursing
      • 16 or 32 months
      • Requires
        • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
        • Aptitude exam
        • Completion of two lab-based science courses

  • Associated Degree Nursing Programs
    • CCAC Program
    • 24 or 36 months
    • Night class is available
    • Requires
      • High school diploma
      • Intake exam to assess basic English/Science knowledge