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Virtual Support for Nursing Home Residents

Whitetulip Public Health Education and Medical Assistance groups started a new project called ‘Virtual Support for Nursing Home Residents” just 2 weeks ago and it is going very well with all the joy. We are aiming to spend half an hour via zoom to make the group of seniors from the current nursing home in NJ happy and help them reduce their anxiety during the pandemic. We are gathering at 10.30 am(EST) every Monday and Wednesday. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to do group activities such as playing music, playing word games, showing their hobbies or interests, anything makes our elderly happy. Please share this flyer with the people around you to help us recruiting volunteers and bringing a smile to an elderly.

Click here for application form.

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  • Ozlem Erol
    Posted January 12, 2021 10:04 pm 0Likes

    I would like to Thank Whitetulip Health Foundation for giving me this opportunity to connect with the lovely residents in the nursing homes! I truly enjoy these meetings and feel so glad to be a part of this caring and compassionate organization…

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