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The Whitetulip Pharmacists are a group of pharmacists under the umbrella within the Whitetulip Health Foundation. Mentors support aspiring pharmacists in the United States and guide them through the process of obtaining professional equivalence as well as providing information to students interested in becoming pharmacists.

Although we are aware that completing all requirements and becoming a certified pharmacist in the United States is a time-consuming and tough process. The major stumbling barrier in the equivalency process is learning a new language after a certain age. It’s as if you’ve stepped into another world with an unfamiliar gravity. We shall work together to overcome these challenges and strive to improve our profession while doing so. We hope to feel better.

We all want to share priceless values such as affection, care, and kindness that emerge from the depths of our souls. In this foundation, we aim to help pharmacists in times of need.

Thank you for your interest! We appreciate it if you forward your questions and suggestions to:

Whitetulip Health Foundation
Together, we care better.

Pharmacist Department


We plan out the necessary steps and give important details about the equivalency process that allows for international pharmacists to be able to work in the U.S.. These intensive steps for equivalency can be intimidating at first glance, but it is very much possible. We believe that people can adjust or discipline themselves to follow this schedule and complete the necessary steps.

  1. Submit your application and credentials to the Recognition of Equivalency – Apply to the ECE ( Education Credential Evaluators ) to have your foreign qualifications checked. After they confirm your documentation, you can then continue on to the next steps. The main documents they ask for are:
    • Proof of degree ( submitted in a properly sealed envelope)
    • Pharmacy degree transcript
    • License or something of equivalence
    • Translation of non-English documents (notarized)
    • Payment of the General Evaluation Report
  2. Take the TOEFL exam:
    ( Writing ≥ 24, Reading ≥ 22, Listening ≥ 21, Speaking ≥ 26)
  3. Apply to the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy ) to start the Foreign Pharmacy Graduates Equivalency Committee certification process. (Create NABP e-profile and retrieve your e-Profile ID number)
    • ECE Report/ documentation (submitted ECE)
    • License
    • ID
    • Passing the TOEFL IBT score report
    • Photo (full face)
  4. Take the FPGEE (exam).
  5. Start your internship – register as a pharmacist intern with the state board of pharmacy and record your hours.
  6. Take the NAPLEX exam ( National clinical competency exam).
  7. Take the MPJ exam – 49 States require to take the multi-state jurisprudence exam, however, some favorite states such as California require a state-specific exam such as the CPJ exam.
  8. Obtain professional liability insurance, the most preferred is the HPSO which has links to the AphA ( American Pharmacist Association)