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The mission of the Whitetulip Health Foundation Dentistry Department is to raise awareness and create a platform for the dental community to promote networking among dentists and other healthcare professionals.

Our goal is to help people in their journey to become a dentist. To support international dentists interested in continuing their practice in the United States by providing information and connecting them with mentors who can provide specialized support throughout the dentistry process

Professional and Academic Development Activities
  • Career Planning
  • Mentorship
    • Advanced Standing Program Application
    • Board exam study materials
    • Board exam and TOEFL study guidance

    • CV-Resume development support

  • Internship
  • Educational Workshops
  • Networking
Outreach Activities
  • Webinars and Seminars
  • Health care Blogs
  • Developing Resources
  • For the Community

We will work together to overcome these obstacles and, in the process, seek to enhance our profession.

Fill out the form to join us on this exciting journey. Meet your coworkers and learn about new opportunities to further your professional development while also exchanging ideas and experiences that may be applied to the implementation and development of new initiatives.

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