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Purpose of the Whitetulip Health Foundation (WHF) Public Education Department is to promote physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing of communities across the country and abroad by providing education and guidance on common and vital public health issues.

We recognize the importance of health education to empower the public, especially when it comes to awareness of healthy living and prevention of common health issues of adulthood such as heart attack, cancer, and stroke, childhood growth and developmental problems, women’s health issues, and mental health and substance misuse.

WHF Public Education Department aims to encourage the involvement of health care professionals in public health education activities in the areas of their medical expertise and collaborate with community-based organizations to collectively tackle critical health care education issues to raise awareness and ultimately promote healthier lives.

Happy Families Blog

What is Marijuana? Marijuana is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried flowers of cannabis sativa. StatisticsAround nine-in-ten Americans favor some form of marijuana legalization…
Substance Abuse
No demographic is safe from substance addiction because it happens in every ethnicity, every socioeconomic group, and every geographic region regardless of social status or…
Stimulant Use
What are Stimulants? What are prescription stimulants? They are to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Prescription Stimulants increase attention and alertness. Some…
Tobacco Addiction
We have all heard that smoking is injurious to health but seldom do we ponder over it and ask ourselves why. Here are a few…
Certificate of Appreciation for WHF
Whitetulip Health Foundation continues to share smiles and help others.
Virtual Support for Nursing Home Residents
Virtual Support for Nursing Home Residents Whitetulip Public Health Education and Medical Assistance groups started a new project called 'Virtual Support for Nursing Home Residents”…
Substance Use Disorders and Motivational Interviewing
Substance Use Disorders and Motivational Interviewing​
Effects of Drugs on the Unborn Baby and Newborn
Effects of Drugs on the Unborn Baby and Newborn