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Affordable Healthcare Guide for Underserved Populations in the USA

Whitetulip Health Foundation aims to bridge healthcare gaps by establishing activities towards underserved populations such as recent immigrants and non-English speaking communities. Most of those people have no medical insurance or any other form of health care coverage. Because of high cost, they may not even seek medical care despite their intense need or receive medical care using their limited financial sources to pay medical bills. Whitetulip volunteers strive to help these group of patients personally, examine them, and prescribe medication when necessary. However, some of these people may have diseases requiring comprehensive care in continuity and their medical need might be much beyond than a simple medical examination and prescription.

Among those, some might be eligible to Medicare / Medicaid, others might afford private health insurance; the remaining might be able to go charity care of local hospitals and free clinics. However, most of these patients have language limitation, who may not even know the healthcare system and the sources available. To offer a solution to this problem, Whitetulip has launched a program to guide and help recent immigrants.

Volunteers of Whitetulip have prepared documents in their own language of the immigrants to explain healthcare system in the USA, including the options available to obtain affordable health care, how to identify appropriate coverage depending on the circumstances and specific healthcare needs, and how to apply to the available coverage options.

However, there are State specific differences in healthcare systems and local hospitals. Policies and requirements for free clinics may also vary. Therefore, further documents for specific state/region were prepared.

In addition, Whitetulip Health Foundation have been organizing seminars and one-to-one application sessions to educate the community and to provide direct help. Furthermore, Whitetulip members visit local free clinics to collaborate with them, to find volunteers among Whitetulip members, and establish a communication between those clinics and the particular underserved population.

In this page, you will find general information about the Healthcare System in the USA as well as the options available for certain states and regions in English and Turkish since we are currently working on recent Turkish immigrants. We are planning to translate these documents to any other language needed in future so that those populations can also take the advantage of these efforts. Please contact your local Whitetulip Branch or the Headquarter if you have any questions or concerns about our Affordable Healthcare Guide Program or you need further assistance for a particular medical need.

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