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Student Zone

Student zone is a platform for high school students who are considering healthcare careers for the future.

Aim of the department is to provide a supportive network where the individual students will share their own experiences, mentor the younger, get mentorship from the senior, and benefit from the volunteering professionals of Whitetulip Health Foundation by joining their groups in various areas such as coaching, case presentation, health care specialty introductions.

Students who would like to give back to their society would share their passions and inspirations with each other and collaborate with the outreach departments of the foundation and contribute to their projects.


Explore our Student Zone handbook for insights into who we are, our objectives, activities, workshops, and how to get involved. Click the link here to access.


All the eligibility requirements listed below need to be met on the date of application:

  1. Must currently be in the USA and hold a legal status
  2. Must be in 9th, 10th ,11th or 12th grade in high school
  3. Must be showing interest in pursuing a career in the medical field (such as: medical school, dentistry, nursery, psychology, pharmacy, medical assistance, physician assistance, etc.)
  1. Recent CV.
  2. Filling the Student Zone application form below.

To ensure the discipline and proper serving of its purpose, we require our members of Student Zone to follow our policy. In order to stay a member of the Student Zone, our members must obey the guidelines listed

  1. Must participate at least in one general body meeting each month.
  2. Must respond to messages/emails in 48 hours.
  3. Must finish the accepted tasks.
  4. Disrespectful comments or any intentional inappropriate actions during meetings may lead to termination of membership.

(Note: unexcused misconduct of the policy may result in the permanent termination of the member)


Applications are now open until November 1st .

All applicants have to submit their applications during these time periods with all the required documents. All completed applications will be reviewed at a meeting of the Student Zone Selection Committee. The results will be announced to the applicants by e-mail by the third week of July.

Thank you for your interest! We appreciate it if you forward your questions and suggestions to:

Whitetulip Health Foundation
Together, we care better.

Student Zone Mentorship Department

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