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Thank you for your interest in the Intern/Resident Mentorship Program of the Whitetulip Health Foundation (WHF). The purpose of this program is to provide mentorship to physicians who have recently matched to a residency or fellowship program in  the USA. 

This program aligns very well with the WHF’s missions since mentoring is one of the core elements of the organization and has always been a top priority. With the help of the dedicated volunteers among its members, WHF is committed to delivering effective and timely mentoring to its new and existing members to provide support prior to their new journey in medical life and make the transition smooth and easy as much as possible.


Our responsibilities:

  • Direct-supervise mentorship activities for medical doctor members-volunteers of WHF during their first clinical training year.

  • Identify the needs-problems of the residents and clinical fellows during their first clinical year and develop programs to find solutions.

  • Provide resources to assist residents during their first year as well as clinical fellows if it is their first clinical year in the USA.
    • Face to face or virtual meetings, and seminars
    • Inviting guest speakers from different background to explain-share their experiences about various aspects of the internship
    • Workshops to develop-master necessary skills (admission, note writing, discharge, case presentations, sign out, etc) during first clinical year
    • Teaching sessions to introduce practical tools-applications used how to get work done during daily routines, including but not limited to hospital medical records (e.g.,EPIC), paging, formal email writing, and dictation systems, etc.

  • Build data sharing tools-platforms
    • Develop guidelines and recommendations for medical doctors to complete their first clinical years successfully.
    • Share helpful documents, articles, presentations, audios, videos
    • Share useful news and development opportunities
    • Share experiences, difficulties, and success stories

  • Build one to one mentorship program to match the residents and fellows with their more experience colleagues to help for their more individual needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the program please e-mail us at