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The purpose of the Whitetulip Health Foundation Residency Application (Match) Mentorship Program is to provide mentorship for those who intend to apply for medical residency in the U.S.

Whitetulip Health Foundation Residency Match Mentorship Program guides applicants for successful residency match every year.


In order to be eligible for the program, the applicants must meet all of the eligibility requirements below.

  1. The applicant must be a member of the Whitetulip Health Foundation.
  2. The applicant must be a graduate of a medical school.
  3. The applicant must be applying for medical residency in the upcoming residency match calendar year.
  4. The applicant must have passed at least 2 USMLE steps.
  5. You are required to use the tracking system defined by the residency match mentorship department to enhance communication.

We have limited seats. Your application will be confirmed upon receipt of all required documents, on a first-come-first-serve basis. The application process will end when all seats are filled.

The applications with any missing information or documents will not be considered for the mentorship. The results will be communicated to the applicants by email.

Residency Application (Match) Mentorship Program Terms and Agreement
  • In this mentorship program, Whitetulip Health Foundation (WHF) will assign you a volunteer mentor according to your background and the type of residency to apply. The mentoring will only be for one residency specialty application. If you plan to apply more than one specialty, a separate mentor for those specialties may be assigned to you depending on availability. Alternatively, your mentor may provide you advice for those applications, however, completing all the required documents is your responsibility.
  • The application process as a whole is the applicant’s own responsibility, and the mentorship program and the assigned mentors are here to help you through this long process.
  • Times of our mentors are quite valuable and mentors voluntarily spend their time for you. Match mentorship program expects you to treat your mentor with appreciation and respect all the time.
  • During the mentoring process, you are required to respond to your mentor as soon as possible after receiving an email/text/phone call. Failing to respond to your mentor is not acceptable for whatever reason. If you do not respond to your mentor within 48 hours, your mentor will send you a noncompliant notification.
  • You and your mentor will decide a deadline for each step of the application process. These deadlines can be modified as long as you discuss with the mentor in advance (no later than 1 week prior to determining the deadline). For any reason, if you fail to finalize the document within the deadline, the mentor will send you a noncompliant notification and will not be able to guarantee a review/edit for the document you submitted.
  • By September 1st, you are required to finalize all documents needed for your application, including personal statement and program application list. For any reason, if you fail to finalize the document within the deadline, mentors will not be expected for any further edits. You are expected to notify your mentor after submitting your residency applications.
  • If you receive three non-compliant notifications, your mentor will no longer continue the mentorship and notify the Whitetulip Residency Application Mentorship Committee. In case you would like to continue the mentorship program, you need to provide a written explanation in a professional language for the violation and appeal it. Then, it is in the jurisdiction of the committee to decide to resume mentorship or terminate the mentorship agreement.
  • After match week, WHF will conduct orientation seminars and resilience training for the matched and unmatched, respectively. The applicant is required to attend those events.

To register: Please, fill out the application form from the below.


The registration period will begin around May 10th and end on June 18th.

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Residency Match Mentorship Program

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