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International Medical Doctor (IMD) Mentorship Program of the Whitetulip Health Foundation (WHF) is established to provide mentorship to the medical doctors living abroad and would like to continue their careers in the USA. With this mentorship program, WHF aims to help well qualified physicians to find their way into the US medical system, integrate, and contribute.  

This mentoring program aligns very well with the mission of WHF and is open to medical doctors, whether academicians or working at private practice, who have graduated from a foreign medical school, obtained further medical education, and currently are residing and practicing outside the United States. 

With the help of dedicated volunteers, WHF is committed to help the interested IMDs to familiarize themselves with the US medical system and make an individual career plan to integrate to the US medical system whether through residency or fellowship to academia-private practice or alternative paths leading to other relevant practices within the medical field in the US. 

IMD Mentorship Program provides information and guides the applicants about the United State Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE) and other licensing procedures and guides eligible candidates, such as faculties and professors, to apply for an academic green card. 

IMD Mentoring Program aims to help candidates to improve their necessary skills, prepare required documents, formalities, and other needs while in their country and guide them to find an appropriate initial temporary position in the USA. 

Interested candidates can apply to the program by filling out the below Application Form and upload your CV and relevant documents. WHF will review your application and will reach out to set the first virtual meeting.

Thank you for your interest! We appreciate it if you forward your questions and suggestions to

Whitetulip Health Foundation
Together, we care better.

International Medical Doctor Mentorship Committee