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Aug 21 2018


6:00 pm

Workshop: Connecting Diverse Healthcare Professionals to Local Resources

On Tuesday, August 21st from 6PM-8PM, All for All and the Pittsburgh chapter of Whitetulip Health Foundation hosted the first of four quarterly workshops. The first session, Connecting Diverse Healthcare Professionals and Local Resources, focused on the existing supports available for immigrants and refugees in the region and connect healthcare professionals to services that will help them better serve immigrant and refugee patients. The free workshop was held at CCAC Allegheny (Northside) in the Student Service Center Auditorium.

“Getting involved in the U.S. healthcare system as an immigrant is definitely not an easy thing to accomplish, so having a network like this helps to simplify the process for others, especially those new to the system,” says Dr. Serter Gumus, Whitetulip PA representative. Adding, “Through our network, foreign-born community members interested in health are mentored by other immigrants and refugees who have already established themselves in the U.S. healthcare system.”

The event started with refreshments when participants were able to visit nine different institutions from the region and learned more about the resources available for immigrants and refugees within the region. Then A presentation of “Diverse Healthcare Professionals Network Program” was done and the goals of the program were shared with the audience. Next session included a keynote address from Kheir Mugwaneza, an immigrant from Rwanda who came to Pittsburgh as an international student and, after leading refugee resettlement at our region’s largest agency, he now serves as a healthcare professional with Allegheny Health Network. Kheir Mugwaneza then led the forum that included a panel of immigrant advocates including Wasi Mohamed of Islamic Center of Pittsburgh and Ivania Rivas of Latino Community Center. Various immigrant-serving organizations representing refugee resettlement, critical needs, English learning, and health services attended to better connect participants to their work and the communities they serve.

The themes of subsequent workshops will focus on career building, being aware of cultural differences in the health care system, and understanding the U.S. healthcare system in general. The network aims to build a community of immigrants and diverse healthcare professionals to create career pathways for those interested in entering the field.

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