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Apr 12 2022 - Aug 31 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Physician Mindfulness

Healthcare professionals are on the frontlines facing the coronavirus pandemic and political and societal tensions, and are feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the future; our professional roles, personal identities, and the lives of our loved ones are on the line.

· It is possible to help ourselves and others face these challenges by feeling robust, connected, and effective.

· Dr. Epstein will discuss what healthcare organizations should be doing to address health professionals’ moral distress, administrative burdens, and cognitive overload.

· He will also explore common reactions to these extraordinary stressors, and show how, by developing habits of attentiveness and curiosity when experiencing threats, we can become more connected to patients and colleagues, more compassionate to ourselves and others, and more effective as clinicians and leaders.

· He will propose some simple practices that can be used during the workday to promote presence, curiosity, and attentiveness, and help us thrive amid chaos, fear, and uncertainty.

· Finally, he will present data suggesting ways in which mindful practice interventions enhance well-being, effectiveness, job engagement, and teamwork in health care settings.

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