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Scholarship Program for Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG) with Clinical Experience or Academic Background

The purpose of the Whitetulip Health Foundation Scholarship Program for Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG) with Clinical Experience or Academic Background is to provide financial support for those in the healthcare and medical profession who left his/her country because of various reasons, now live in the USA, and study USA medical exams or seek for opportunities and positions that may enable them to continue their medical career in the US and integrate within the US medical system where their valuable professional skills and experiences can be utilized.


All the eligibility requirements listed below need to be met on the date of application:

1.1. Must be a member of Whitetulip Health Foundation

1.2. Must be on currently in the USA and hold a legal status

1.3. Must be graduate from a medical school or school of other healthcare professions.

1.4. Must have at least one of the following status in their home country before arrival to the USA:

  1. a) Postgraduate medical training or;
  2. b) Actively practicing in his/her medical field or;
  3. c) Performing academic studies including research and or education in medical field;
  4. d) Conducting administrative-leadership role in clinical/research/educational medical facility.
  5. e) Applied or obtained permanent residency status in the USA via Outstanding Researcher or Professor (EB1) or National Interest Waiver (EB2) path.

1.5. All applicant must unveil his/her intention/plan to pursue further medical career or medical education/training in the USA by meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  1. a) Must pass at least one of the following tests or schedule to take them during scholarship period: The United State Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or equivalency exam of their profession to be eligible under the Program or;
  2. b) Currently admitted by a medical school, hospital, and institute/center for further medical and health care education, research, and/or other training or;
  3. c) Have applied or plan to enter a medical school, school of other healthcare professions, hospital, institution or center for further medical education, training and or research on a full-time or part-time basis.

1.6. The Applicant should not be neither an employee of the Whitetulip Health Foundation nor a relative of Board members or the members of Selection Committee.


2.1. Completed Whitetulip Health Foundation Scholarship for Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG) with Clinical or Academic Experience Application Form.

2.2. Up-to-date CV

2.3. A one-page personal statement, describing past accomplishment and future plans including how to use this scholarship to pursue his/her academic career. Alternatively, make a statement on the related section on the Application Form

2.4. A recent photo obtained in last 6 months

2.5. Copy of diploma from medical school or other healthcare institution.

2.6. Copy of postgraduate training certificate or proof of postgraduate training from related institution.

2.7. Certificate(s) related to the applicant’s academic level, clinical experience, or leadership role from home country if available

2.8. Proof of intention to continue medical career in US: The result of exam described in the eligibility criteria, 1. 5.

2.9. Copy of the document shows current visa-residency status.

2.10. Proof of Whitetulip Health Foundation membership.

2.11. Email the application form and all other application materials listed above to scholarship@whitetulip.org or mail/deliver his/her application package to our office.


The applicants need to complete a Whitetulip Health Foundation Scholarship Application Form and email it together with all the other required documents listed above to scholarship@whitetulip.org email address.


The application will be open until Dec 1, 2017

All applicants have to submit their applications during this time period with the all required documents. The applications with any missing information or documents will not be considered for the scholarship. All completed applications will be reviewed at a meeting of the Scholarship Selection Committee in the first week of December and finalized. The results will be communicated to the applicants by email.



Address : 999, Riverview Drive, Suite 201, Totowa, NJ 07512

Phone : (973) 406 5163

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