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About Us

WHF is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that strives to improve the academic quality of health care professionals and facilitate their efforts to give back to society. One of our missions is to promote healthcare related educational and research activities.

Specifically, WHF is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific and literary purposes.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the financial help obtained through donations and fundraising events, where all proceeds received, are utilized towards the fulfillment of our Foundation’s objectives.

Since its establishment in 2014, we have had the honor and distinction of working with healthcare professionals, including physicians, researchers, postgraduate students who are employed or affiliated with reputable higher education institutes and research organizations.

Most notably, WHF has been affiliated with the Harvard T. H. Chan, School of Public Health. Which is geared towards advancing knowledge and creating practical and cost-effective solutions to complex public health problems based on rigorous research. Our work has a greater global impact because of Harvard’s unique opportunities for learning and leadership. Specifically, we collaborate with the Harvard School of Public Health in organizing practicum projects and their members have mentored the master program students of Harvard’s Public Health and Epidemiology Department in the past.

What we do

We strive to nurture excellence and provide counseling and other means of support programs including gifts, scholarships, fellowships, and grants to those in the healthcare and medical profession. These will serve to help their scientific researches, personal developments, educations, professional needs and career goals.

We facilitate networking and enhancing communication among medical students, doctors, other healthcare related professionals or institutions, and individuals.

We promote collaboration in the fields of medical practice, education, research, service, and healthcare organizations including, but not limited to clinics, hospitals, academic institutions, research institutions, pharmaceutical industries and professional medical organizations among others, and provide assistance with exchange programs.

We also established award programs for individuals among doctors, health care professionals and other occupations and institutions who contributed to various healthcare issues, scientific researches, and advanced practices.

Additionally, we organize medical assistance and relief programs to help and support people affected by natural disasters, epidemic diseases, wars, and other extraordinary conditions causing public health problems.

Our members and volunteers encourage mentorship and educate medical school students and graduates to enter clinical research in health sciences. They continue to support them and follow their progress and improvement during their research and academic development.

We have actively contributed to research by funding over forty researchers, scholars, scientists, and medical doctors, who are conducting cutting-edge research on diverse topics in top research labs at various leading research institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Yale University, Duke University, University of Illinois, and University of California.

In addition to the above, we also organize “Medical Forum” meetings to bring together a community of researchers and medical doctors in various fields to allow network, and an exchange of ideas; to promote science and research in various important academic cities, including Boston, New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.

WHF’s activities comprise four main areas


Our foundation maintains awareness of critical health care and health-related issues through written, visual and social media tools, as well as, organize conferences, symposiums, meetings, workshops, lectures, and seminars.

We also strive to support health-related educational and research activities and provides professional service designed to promote empowerment and recovery. We established close working and advisory relationship with other same-objective health organizations.

Core Values

– Care & Compassion
– Humanity
– Trust & Integrity
– Appreciation
– Collaboration

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Whitetulip Yearly Membership
Whitetulip Health Foundation (WHF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that connects healthcare professionals who want to give back to society. Its aim is to create a platform, where they can share ideas and experiences, provide mutual support and collaborate, channel their own personal passions and skills in community projects both locally and abroad.